Ads On TV: Tips For Increasing Your TV Advertising ROI

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Running ads on TV is still one of the most effective ways to deliver a message to your target audience. And, done correctly, it can produce an impressive return on investment, particularly for a direct-response TV advertiser.

But if you’re not incorporating some fundamental TV marketing strategies into your campaign, you’re missing out on even bigger results and you could be wasting a significant amount of your budget too.

Use the tips below to ensure your TV advertising is producing the best possible results – and that you’re not paying too much to put your ads on TV.

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Tips For Putting Your Ads On TV

1. Start with the creative
You can’t have a discussion about advertising on TV without talking about the key elements that make up a successful TV ad. Because, after all, if your ad is no good, then it won’t make an impact – and in some cases it could actually hurt your company image too.

✦ Make your message clear and concise, especially if your ads are intended for direct response
✦ Don’t try to be too cute or clever – just make sure your audience will easily understand what you’re offering
✦ If you want response, then include a call to action throughout the entire ad
✦ For a boost in response rates, try setting a deadline for customers to respond or an offer expiration

Bullseye representing ads that can be targeted on tv.2. Target your best customers
Once your creative is perfect, it’s time to make sure it’s seen by the right people. If you aren’t carefully targeting your ads on TV (More News) to the people who are most likely to respond, then you are simply wasting money and time.

✦ Use market research to determine which audiences to target
✦ Focus not only on “who” to target to, but also “where” they are located (which markets), and “when” they’re watching
✦ When buying media, avoid large “clusters” of TV spots, networks and markets that you don’t need.

3. Save on your TV buys
The less you spend on your TV advertising, without giving up targeting ability, the more cost-efficient your campaign will be. Shop around for the best TV advertising rates to ensure you’re not paying more than you should.

✦ Consider using an “unwired” cable television network like American Target Network, which offers savings of up to 80% when advertising on the top networks
✦ Don’t assume your media buying agency is the cheapest out there, just because they say so
✦ Take the time to compare your options to find the best deals on the best TV buys


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Placing Ads On TV With Big Savings
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