How To Find The Best TV Media Buying Companies

Media buying companies come in handy when you need to place TV spots in several markets and could use some help figuring out which audiences to target.
But if you’re not getting TV spots that are right for your needs, or you’re spending a huge portion of your marketing budget just to pay the media buying companies’ fees, then you’re probably wasting money and not generating the results you could.
So, how do you identify the best agency for your needs? Here are some important questions to ask as you compare your options.
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Comparing TV Media Buying Companies

What networks do you have access to?
What’s the point of using media buying companies if they can only get you on a handful of TV networks? Look for agencies that can buy TV spots from several of the most-watched networks, so that you have greater options for targeting your ads to the people who matter most to your business.
How can you target your ads?
Let’s say your agency allows you to buy spots for the AMC network – that’s great, but what now? If your ad isn’t seen at the right times, then it doesn’t matter what networks you’re advertising on.
For example, your target market might watch Breaking Bad, but not The Walking Dead. In order for your ads to generate the response you want, you must have control over the times of day and days of the week that your ads are run.
If your media buying agency isn’t giving you these options, then it’s probably best to look for another agency.
How much do your TV spots cost?
This is a big one. Media buying firms often get steep discounts on TV spots because they essentially buy in bulk. But unfortunately, that doesn’t mean every firm passes that savings on to you, the advertiser.
To maximize your ROI, you must keep your advertising costs low. Don’t fall into the trap of buying “clusters,” often sold by media buyers, which include networks and time slots you don’t need. Compare your options to find the best rates and look into alternative options, such as unwired spot TV advertising networks, like American Target Network, which can save you up to 80% on a CPM basis.
How scalable is your ad campaign?
Do you plan to limit your ads to a local geographic area, or do you want to run your campaign all over the United States? No matter what your specific needs, make sure your media buyers give you the options you’re looking for – without requiring you to pay unnecessarily high rates. Look for providers that can run your ad on a local, regional or national basis.

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Considering Unwired Media Buying Companies? Call American Target Network

The American Target Network is an unwired cable TV ad network that aggregates local cable TV media. Our clients know us as a superior media buying agency (Related News), because we offer customized local, regional or national ad campaigns for a fraction of the traditional costs of cable advertising.
American Target Network complements your national campaigns and also allows direct-response advertisers to efficiently target a national TV audience. Branded TV advertisers can reach their ratings goals in a more cost-effective way with post-buy methodology and analysis.
For more information on American Target Network, call us today at 1-800-ATN-5666.

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