Cheap TV Spots: How To Save A Ton of Money On TV Advertising

Gentleman Finding Cheap TV spots on laptop.Advertisers looking for “cheap TV spots” need to be careful how they approach their media buying. If you’re purchasing spots from traditional outlets, then “cheap” is exactly what you’ll get:

Poorly targeted spots that run at odd hours of the day (or night), when no one is watching
➤ Limited network options, forcing you to run your ad on stations with low viewership
Spots that run in markets that aren’t applicable to your business
Little to no options for when, where or how the ads will appear

Sure, the spots may have been cheap. But when no one responds to the ads, let alone sees them, then it ultimately costs you money.

If you want to save on your TV advertising budget, there’s a way to do it – without sacrificing quality or targeting ability.

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Cheap TV Spots Through An “Unwired” Cable Advertising Network

US Cable Networks Available For Cheap TV Spots.Advertising on TV remains one of the most powerful forms of marketing. With audio and video, you have the power to capture your audience’s attention during their favorite TV programs and deliver a unique message that reinforces your brand or drives sales.

But with cable advertising rates being so high, it’s no wonder that advertisers are constantly looking for ways to buy “cheap TV spots.” The more you can save on your television advertising, the higher your ROI potential will be.

This is why so many businesses are now relying on unwired cable advertising networks like American Target Network (ATN).

By aggregating local cable TV media, ATN enables advertisers to run customized campaigns on a local, regional or national scale – for a fraction of the cost of traditional cable pricing.
What is it and how does it work?

➤ ATN delivers CPMs at 70-80% below comparable local cable pricing and CPMs 30-40% below national cable TV. These are much more affordable TV spots that can lift your ROI tremendously.
➤ We take one ad creative and disseminate it to our proprietary “unwired” network.
➤ CPM deliveries are confirmed through post-buy analysis based upon cable system affidavits and Nielsen Home Video Index audience delivery estimates.
Advertisers can customize the creative messaging on a local or regional basis.
You can target by demographic and DMA, and enhance customization by networks, dayparts, flight dates, market and day of the week.
➤ We do not sell “clusters” of cheap TV spots (More Info) like others do. Advertisers have full control and flexibility over when and where their ads appear.

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Learn More About Cheap TV Spots From American Target Network

Business professionals explaining our cheap TV spots advertising.American Target Network gives you access to 75 national cable networks, reaching up to 87 million homes, with one team, one invoice and one spot.

For national advertisers, ATN complements your TV campaigns and provides you with the ability to efficiently target a national TV audience. For local, regional and branded TV advertisers, ATN enables you to reach your ratings goals in a flexible, more cost effective way.

Learn more by calling us today at 1-800-ATN-5666.

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