Direct Response Advertising Agency: Killer Tips For Planning High-ROI TV Marketing
Hiring a direct response advertising agency can help you launch an effective TV marketing campaign from start to finish – but you need to be careful which firms you choose.
When it comes to direct response advertising for TV, there are generally two types of agencies you need to be aware of:
➤An agency that creates the TV ad
➤A media buying agency that decides where and when the ads will appear on TV

Some larger agencies handle both the ad creation and the media buying. But for our purposes today, we’ll be looking specifically at the media buying aspect, as it plays a very important role in generating response and making an impact on your target audience.
A good direct response advertising agency can do wonders for your TV marketing. A bad one will kill your response rates and defeat the purpose of having a really great ad.
So how do you know how to identify a great TV media buying agency? Here are a few things to consider as you compare your options.
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What To Look For In A Direct Response Advertising Agency For Media Buying

Targeting options
Good agencies have connections with a wide array of networks and can place your ad in virtually any market, any time of day, any day of the year. Having numerous options is crucial, as it allows you to target your audience with precision, showing your ad to the people who are most likely to respond.
When comparing agencies, consider the factors for targeting: how many networks you have to choose from, whether those networks fit your target market, how many households your campaign can reach, and how much control you have over the time slot in which your ad will run.
Local, regional and national campaigns
Many direct response advertisers like to test their ads in select markets before launching a broader campaign across the country.
Be sure to ask which markets are available and how small of a campaign you can run. The best media buying agencies will enable you to run your ad on a local, regional or national scale, based on your specific needs.
Competitive pricing
Sometimes, hiring a direct response advertising agency (More Info) comes at a premium. Other times, an agency can save you a significant amount of money by getting your media for far less than the regular rates.
As a direct response advertiser, you need to make sure you are getting your ads for as little money as possible – assuming you aren’t losing the quality of your media buys or targeting options. The lower your ads costs, the higher your potential ROI.

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Save Money With A Better Direct Response Advertising Agency

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