Direct Response Advertising: 4 Ways To Boost Response To Your TV Spot
Family watching direct response advertising.Television remains one of the greatest outlets for direct response advertising today.Planned and executed correctly, it has the power to hook an audience like no other form of marketing can. But if you’re not using the proper strategies, then you could be missing out on a much bigger return.
One of the reasons why television is so effective for direct response marketing is that advertisers can literally show their products and services to the audience. With compelling video, narration and on-screen copy, your TV ad can demonstrate how a product works, how it benefits the viewer and how the viewer should respond. These aspects alone offer several advantages that simply can’t be matched by other media, like print advertising and radio.
But if you want to boost your response rates even higher, then there are several things you need to consider during the media buyer and creative processes. Use the tips below to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising and achieve a higher ROI.

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Direct Response Advertising Tips For TV

➤ Select the right geographic area

This sounds obvious, but far too often, advertisers buy up TV ad clusters from the cable companies, which require the advertisers to show their ads in locations that aren’t as relevant to the viewers. How many times have you been watching TV and saw an ad for a business that was hundreds of miles away – one that you would never have any reason to drive to or patronize?
Don’t waste money on bloated media buys that you don’t need. Make sure your ads are only shown in the areas you need, whether it’s a local, regional or national campaign.

Gentleman using remote during direct response advertising.➤ Pick the right networks

Same issue here. If your direct response advertising is appearing on networks that are unlikely to include your target market in the viewership, then you’re simply wasting money. Choose your networks based on the types of programs that you know your customers watch, based on market research.

➤ Schedule the ad at the right times

It’s not just the networks that matter. It’s the time of day and the shows that your audience is watching. Schedule your ads to appear at the times that your prospective customers are most likely to be watching. That means showing your ad during certain shows or blocks of shoes to make sure it’s seen by the right people.

➤ Make a clear offer with a strong call to action

Now that you’ve targeted your direct response advertising (More Info) correctly, it’s time to make sure the creative is appropriate. No matter what your products or services, you must make your offer simple, easy to understand and compelling. Equally important, your viewers must know how to respond. Include a clear call to action that tells them exactly what to do.

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Affordable, Efficient Direct Response Advertising From American Target Network

Lady & Gentleman Contacting ATN For More Info About Direct Response AdvertisingAmerican Target Network is an unwired cable advertising network that offers customized media buys for a fraction of the cost of cable pricing. We aggregate local cable TV media to create customized, highly targeted campaigns on a local, regional or national basis.
Reach up to 87 million homes, putting your ad on up to 70 of the top cable networks – at CPMs 70-80% below comparable local cable pricing and CPMs 30-40% below national cable TV. When it comes to cost efficiency, flexibility, and targeting power, ATN provides unmatched benefits to direct-response advertisers. Learn more today by calling 1-800-ATN-5666.


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