How To Select A Direct Response Agency For Media Buying
Gentleman Exploring Direct Response Agency On His Computer.Using a direct response agency to handle your media buying is crucial, especially when advertising on television. But with so many different types of agencies and options for buying your TV spots, how do you know who to partner with?
As a direct response advertiser, you know how important it is to deliver a clear, compelling message that is targeted to your specific audience. If these factors aren’t carefully executed, then you’re losing response—lost response is lost money.
Even if you’re running your ads at the right time, in front of the right people, you may still be missing out on a larger return on investment if you’re paying too much for your ad spots. This is why it’s critical to use a direct response agency that will make your media buying more affordable and highly targeted at the same time.
Use the tips below to help you choose the right agency for all your direct response TV marketing.


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Choosing A Direct Response Agency For Your TV Spots

Compare costs

Don’t assume that a direct response agency (more info) that offers you the “hottest” TV spots is your only option. The biggest agencies charge big bucks for TV advertising, but chances are you could get the same spots, on the same networks, for far cheaper. Make sure to compare all your options carefully to ensure your media-buying strategy is as cost-efficient as possible to ensure a higher ROI potential.

Look for precise targeting options

People figures for TV ads networks that a direct response agency can target. Getting on the network you want is one thing. Showing your ad at the right time is another. Make sure you choose an agency that gives you a number of target options: days of the week, time of day and so on. The greater your targeting options, the better your chances of reaching your intended audience.

Choose the right market(s)

Whether you’re advertising on a regional or national basis, you’ll get a much bigger bang for your TV buck if you select your markets carefully. Make sure you know exactly which demographics are most likely to respond to your ad and then choose markets accordingly. If your agency insists that you buy “clusters” of ads in markets you don’t need, then it’s time to look for another agency.

Go “unwired”

An unwired cable advertising network like American Target Network can save you a significant amount of money over traditional cable pricing, while offering greater targeting ability, too. ATN aggregates local TV media, enabling you to run a single, customizable TV spot on a local, regional or national basis with savings of up to 80% over cable costs. Your ad can be run on over 75 of the top cable networks, reaching up to 85 million homes, or targeted to a very specific audience.


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Discover Why ATN Is The Superior Direct Response Agency For TV Media Buying

Direct Response Agency Professionals Smiling and Standing At Your Service!American Target Network provides unmatched flexibility and efficiency for your television marketing campaigns.
Target your ad by demographic or DMA, and enhance customization by a number of targeting options, including networks, day parts, flight dates, days of the week, and more.
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