Little Known Way To Boost Your Direct Response Marketing ROI

Little Known Way To Boost Your Direct Response Marketing ROI

Businessman interested in Direct Response MarketingIn direct response marketing, ROI is everything. If you’re not generating a significant return on your marketing investment, then something is wrong with the campaign.

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I’m ready to increase my marketing ROI. How do I get started?

You know you have a good product, so what’s draining your ROI?

There could be several reasons:

1. Your marketing isn’t hitting the right audience.

If your target customers aren’t seeing your ad, then response rates will drop. No matter what type of marketing you’re using, you can significantly boost performance by targeting the right people.

2. People are seeing your ad at the wrong time.

Are people more likely to respond to your ad at 6 a.m. or 6 p.m.? In the summer or in the winter? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, then how can you be sure your ad is generating the highest response rates possible?

3. You’re using the wrong type of marketing.

TV, radio, direct mail – each of these outlets has its own unique advantages. But as an advertiser, it’s your responsibility to determine which ones deliver the biggest ROI, combined with the highest quality lead. Otherwise, you could be wasting your money on the wrong media.

4. You’re paying too much.

You could have amazing response rates, but if the return is just barely surpassing the investment, then you could be paying too much. In addition to carefully targeting your audience and selecting the right types of marketing, you need to constantly compare your media buying options to make sure you’re taking advantage of the most cost-efficient opportunities. The more you can save on your marketing, the more profitable your marketing will be.

Yes, this is Direct Response Marketing 101 – the fundamentals that every direct marketer should already know. But you’d be surprised at how many marketing veterans consistently miss their performance goals by failing to recognize the core reasons listed above.

Savvier marketers might realize the reasons why they’re not hitting the ROI they want, but they just don’t know what to do about it.

Below, we’ll take a look at a little-known way to get a bigger bang for your direct response marketing dollars by getting in front of your audience in nearly any market – at a fraction of the normal cost.

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Benefits of Direct Response Marketing On TV

Television remains one of the most powerful ways to make an impression on virtually any audience, anywhere, anytime.

ATN tv advertising broadcast calendarBy placing an attention-grabbing ad in front of your target viewers, you can achieve nearly any marketing goal: direct response, branding, sales increases, new product announcements, and more.

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Plus, with so many different networks to advertise on, there are vast opportunities to reach different demographics in different markets across the country. This enables advertisers to target their TV spots more carefully, thus increasing response rates and generating a higher ROI.

TV has been used as an effective direct response marketing medium for decades. From quick 15- and 30-second ad spots to hour-long infomercials, TV has the power to hook an audience and get them to act—right now.

And unlike other forms of marketing, television gives you the ability to actually show people what to do next: pick up the phone, go online, or any other call to action. The combination of audio and video allows for endless opportunities to inform, instruct, entertain and most importantly: persuade.

However, as traditional cable TV pricing can be very costly, advertisers MUST look at their options carefully. Many advertisers don’t realize they could be saving up to 80% on their cable TV advertising costs by purchasing their spots from another outlet.

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Partner With ATN – Reach Over 87 Million Homes At A Fraction of The Cost

American Target Network is an “unwired” cable advertising network that enables you to run your ad in more than 86 million homes in 210 top markets with CPM delivery at a fraction of the cost of traditional cable TV pricing.

With our innovative delivery system, advertisers can launch their campaign on any scale – local, regional or nation – on up to 75 national cable networks. ATN consistently delivers CPMs at 70-80% below comparable local cable pricing and CPMs 30-40% below national cable TV.

ATN also allows for more efficient target delivery and the simplicity of one commercial spot disseminated throughout the network and one invoice.

Advertisers can:

★ Customize creative messaging on a local and/or regional basis
★ Target by demographic and DMA
★ Enhance customization

American Target Network does not sell clusters that require you to buy networks you do not need or want. With our network of 75 of the most watched cable channels, we can customize by market, network, dayparts and weekly weighted levels.

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Already advertising on TV?
ATN complements your national cable TV campaigns and provides direct response marketing advertisers the ability to efficiently target a national TV audience. Branded TV advertisers can reach their ratings goals in a more cost effective way with industry standard post-buy methodology and analysis.

To Learn More On How You Can Use American Target Network To Boost The ROI Of Your Direct Response Marketing, Call 1-800-ATN-5666.