Direct Response Television Advertising—3 Easy Solutions To Common Advertiser Problems
Direct response television advertising is an effective form of marketing for selling virtually any product or service, or for enticing an audience to take a specific action (i.e. visiting a website, making a phone call, visiting a store, etc.).

But with so many different options out there – networks to advertise, markets to target, time slots to choose and media-buying agencies to partner with – it can be difficult to know the best course of action for your business. Even veteran TV advertisers are faced with tricky problems that ultimately affect their return on investment (and the business’s bottom line).

Below, we take a look at some of the biggest problems advertisers face, why those issues matter and how they can be resolved. Regardless of what you’re advertising on TV, or how big of a market you’re advertising to (local or national), these simple solutions could save you a significant amount of money and deliver bigger returns, too.


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Direct Response Television Advertising – Problems & Solutions

Problem TV ads cost too much

Solution While direct response television advertising can seem expensive, it can deliver incredible returns if it’s executed properly. Always shop around for the best rates, whether you’re buying the TV spots yourself or using a media-buying agency. Consider an “unwired” cable advertising network like American Target Network, which offers all the benefits of advertising on the top networks at a fraction of the cost of traditional cable pricing. Remember … the more you save on your TV spots, the higher your return on investment will be.

Problem We don’t have the ability to target our audience

Solution This is typically a problem with media-buying agencies who offer limited targeting options or who force you to buy “clusters” of ad spots on networks you don’t need or want. The solution? Dump that agency and partner with someone else. ATN, for example, offers comprehensive targeting options on over 70 top cable networks. You can target by market (or designated marketing area), time slot, network, day of the week, and so on. Precision targeting is one of the most important factors in direct response advertising (related news), so you must make sure you have total control of this aspect.

Problem Response rates aren’t high enough

Solution There are several possible reasons for this. Here are some key questions that could help you identify the issue. Is your ad being seen by the right people (proper targeting)? Is your message clear and compelling? Does the ad repeat the call to action enough times, so viewers know how to respond? Are you including a deadline or expiration date in your messaging? Improving each of these areas is a nearly guaranteed way to boost response rates.

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Maximize Your Direct Response Television Advertising ROI With American Target Network

Let American Target Network help you save money on your TV media buys and maximize the ROI of your next direct response television advertising campaign.

Run your ad locally, regionally or nationally, reaching up to 87 million homes, at a fraction of the cost of standard cable pricing. Call us at 1-800-ATN-5666 to learn more.

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