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For decades, direct response television marketing has been used to sell products and to get people to act—often within seconds of an ad appearing on TV (and often WHILE the ad is still on the television.)

Today, even with all the distractions of the web, smartphones and other media, direct response television marketing remains one of the most powerful ways to get a response from your target market—but it has to be done correctly.

Far too often, TV advertisers are losing sight of the most crucial requirements for direct response marketing. So, not surprisingly, they’re facing unique and increasing challenges.

Sound familiar?

  • Your TV ads aren’t generating enough response to cover the costs of the advertising itself
  • Rates of phone calls and orders are dropping
  • Competitors’ ads are raking in cash, while yours are barely being noticed
  • Your marketing budget is blown on just a few markets, because the TV spots are so expensive

If you’re experiencing any of these situations, then chances are something is seriously wrong.

It may be time to give yourself a refresher on the fundamental tactics of direct response advertising that are CRUCIAL to generating results.

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Keys To Successful Direct Response Television Marketing

1. Make the offer clear
Don’t jam-pack your ad with multiple offers. Make one offer very clear, easy to understand and compelling.

2. Tell viewers what to do
No matter the point at which your viewers start paying attention to the ad, they must know what to do. Repeat your call to action several times, and keep it on-screen for the duration of the ad.

3. Show the benefits
Don’t just say it, show it. Focus less on the features of your product and more on how the customer will benefit from those features.

4. Always make it time-sensitive
Give viewers a deadline for calling, or even better, a deadline to gett a special incentive, such as a discount or “bonus” item.

5. Target your audience better
Running your ad to a random population of TV viewers is NOT a cost-efficient way to do direct response television marketing (related news). Use your market research to determine who your buyers are, what areas they live in and what they’re watching (i.e. when to run your ad)

6. Cut your TV spot cuts
Stop paying insanely high rates for cable TV spots! By using an unwired cable advertising network like American Target Network, you can save as much as 80% on a CPM basis, running your ads in top markets all over the country (based on your specific targeting needs). The lower your costs for placing your ad, the stronger your return on investment will be.

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Save Money On Your Direct Response Television Marketing With American Target Network

At American Target Network, we help direct-response advertisers generate the results they’re looking for by offering a cost-efficient way to advertise on a local, regional or national basis—for a fraction of the cost of regular cable pricing.

Contact us today to find out how you can reach up to 87 million homes, on 75 of the top cable networks, without sacrificing targeting ability!

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