Direct Response Television: 3 Secrets To Maximizing The ROI of Your TV Advertising
Team discussing direct response television possibilities with boss.Direct response television can be extremely powerful—and profitable—when planned carefully. But if you’re not implementing the proper marketing strategies or you’re paying too much for your TV spots, then your campaign could be costing you a lot more than you think.
Advertising on TV gives you the ability to connect with viewers in ways that no other media can. Even in today’s fast-paced, mobile-centric world, television is extremely influential in its ability to reach viewers during their favorite programs. With the right message, you can sell almost any product or make your brand more memorable, credible and trustworthy.
But if that message isn’t delivered to the right people, at the right time or for the right price, then your ads simply won’t make an impact. The bulk of your marketing dollars will go right down the drain.
So, how can you be sure you’re getting the highest return on investment for your direct response television advertising? Here are a few “secret” tips that can save you money and result in bigger response rates.

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Important Tips for Direct Response Television Advertising

Couple watching direct response television ad during favorite show.1. Consider buying your TV spots through an “unwired” ad network

American Target Network enables TV advertisers to save a significant amount of money on their media buys through its proprietary “unwired” cable advertising network. By aggregating local TV media across the nation, ATN lets direct-response advertisers:

1. Reach virtually any audience: local, regional or national
2. Run their ads on 70+ of the top cable networks in the U.S.
3. Target their advertising by demographic, DMA, daypart, days of the week, and more

And here’s the best part: ATN consistently delivers CPMs 70-80% below comparable local cable pricing and CPMs 30-40% below national cable TV. This is a considerable savings and can have a tremendous effect on the ROI of your direct response television (more info) advertising.

2. Target, target, target

If your current media buying strategy doesn’t allow you to precisely target your audience, then your ads won’t perform as well as they could—it’s that simple! Don’t get pushed into buying “clusters” of spots that force you to buy networks or time slots you don’t need or want. With ATN, you have numerous targeting options to ensure your message hits the right people—and we do NOT sell clusters.

3. Customize the creative on a local or regional basis

If you’re running your ad all over the country, try customizing the message on a local and/or regional basis to test different offers or messages. That doesn’t mean you need to create multiple ads for each market. ATN saves you money by enabling you to run one spot while customizing the messaging for different audiences.

Learn More About Direct Response Television Advertising With ATN

Businessman interested in direct response television.Find out how you can save money and increase the ROI of your direct response advertising with American Target Network.

Call 1-800-ATN-5666 to learn more and discover a superior media buying agency.

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