Direct Response TV Advertising—The Difference Between High-ROI TV Spots And Money-Wasting Ads
Gentleman Exploring Direct Response TV Advertising On Laptop.Direct response TV advertising, done right, can be extremely powerful.
Even in today’s Internet-centric world, TV is still one of the most effective ways to capture an audience and compel them to take action. Whether you’re selling a product, announcing a sale, directing viewers to your website, or eliciting any other type of response, television has the power to grab attention and persuade like no other media can.
That said, not all direct response TV advertising is as effective as it could be. If you’re not following the key principles of direct response marketing, then you’re wasting money on your TV spots.
So, how do you know whether you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck when advertising on TV?

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Direct Response TV Advertising—Which Strategies Work?

➤ The Right Way Advertisers can never put too much emphasis on targeting. If you’re not showing your ads to the right people (based on careful market research or sales trends before buying your TV spots), then you’re never going to get the response you could. Make sure you have control over the networks that your ads appear on, in which markets, on what days they appear and at what times.
➤ The Wrong Way Some advertisers are forced to buy “clusters” of TV spots from the cable companies or media-buying agencies. These clusters include several spots on networks or time slots that advertisers simply don’t need. The agencies tout these as money-saving “bonuses,” but in reality they’re a WASTE of your budget.
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➤ The Right Way No matter what you’re selling, your message must be clear and concise. Viewers must know how to respond, regardless of when they start paying attention to your ad, whether it’s at 0:05 or 0:58. Stress the call to action by putting it on screen, as well as in the voice-over.

Give viewers a reason to respond: make your offer irresistible and let them know they need to respond immediately, or else they will miss out. These are all fundamental, time-tested strategies for direct response TV advertising (related news). Choosing not to implement them is on par with flushing your ad dollars down the toilet.
➤ The Wrong Way Not having a clear call to action, message or offer will kill your ad. It’s that simple.

Media Buys

➤ The Right Way Get your ad spots at the lowest rates possible. Paying less for your ads will ultimately translate into a higher ROI, so it pays to save as much as you can. Compare your media-buying options to ensure you’re not paying more than you should.
➤ The Wrong Way Don’t assume you’re getting the best pricing just because a sales rep says so.

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Direct Response TV Advertising Spots At A Fraction of The Regular Cost

Young Gentleman Calling For Help On Direct Response TV Advertising!American Target Network is an “unwired” cable advertising network that enables advertisers to run their ads locally, regionally or nationally (on up to 75 of the top cable networks, reaching 87+ million households) for a fraction of the cost of traditional cable advertising rates.
To find out how you can save money on your direct response advertising, while boosting your ROI, contact us at 1-800-ATN-5666.


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