How To Maximize The Value of Your Direct Response TV Ads

Direct response TV spots revolutionized the ad world by skipping over the fluff and inviting customers to contact companies immediately, one-on-one. But often the power of this groundbreaking approach is diminished by an outdated approach to media buying.

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You’ve spent time and valuable resources producing creative commercials that define who you are and showcase your products. But this is just the beginning …

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Now comes the challenge of delivering that message to the people. Unfortunately old-fashioned media buying practices have straight-jacketed advertisers into wasting money, adhering to baffling and unfair billing practices, and worst of all, not getting their message to all potential new customers.

The Common Pitfalls of Old-Fashioned Media Buys

Commercial delivery has evolved alongside the rapidly changing face of modern media. But many media buying networks are still stuck in the past. Don’t fall victim to the most common ways that direct response TV advertisers fail:

DON’T squander your media budget with cluster sales which force you to buy into networks you don’t need.

DON’T needlessly diminish your ROI with over-specialized media buys in insignificant regions, hitting the wrong audience for your product.

DON’T surrender control of the ability to target via demographic across multiple networks, markets, and days of the week.

DON’T waste your time navigating a complex, never ending mess of billing from countless local vendors.

DON’T overpay at the national cable level. Don’t overpay at the local cable level. Just don’t overpay, ever.

By falling into the traps of outdated media buy modes, all of the time, effort, and money spent producing your spots goes down the drain. Connecting meaningfully with your customers in today’s economy is going to require innovative thinking.

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A New Era For Direct Response TV Advertising

The modern media landscape is more complex than ever, with the web, phones, and tablets redefining how we interact with media in our daily lives. However, direct response TV advertising has proven to be not only resilient, but in fact very well-suited to modern viewing habits. Its focus on interactivity is a perfect match to our round-the-clock connected lives … if you are able to target viewers the smart way.

To maximize exposure in a highly competitive market, here are the important questions that every direct response TV advertiser should be asking:

How much will I have to pay for every 1000 viewers?

★ The industry term CPM (“cost per mille”) is the standard gauge for measuring dollars to viewers.

How will I know how many households actually tuned in while my ad was playing?

★ Go straight to the source: insist on Nielsen and local cable company verification of delivery.

How can I target as broad a cross-section as possible?

★ Nielsen’s comprehensive analysis of TV viewing trends has identified the top DMAs (Designated Market Area – simply a region on the map with quantifiable TV homes and viewership). Place your dollars where they count.

With all of the competing networks and other media, how can I ensure my ad will appear on the most viewed networks? Take advantage of the flexibility of an unwired network and don’t get tethered to advertising on channels you don’t need.

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Unwired Networks Offer Total Precision And Total Coverage

With more ways than ever for customers to reach out and respond to your direct response TV commercial, the new media landscape is a potential goldmine for your business. An “unwired” network is able to connect your message across all channels and all demographics, with the flexibility to strike incredible deals with bulk rate bargaining power. Unwired networks make sure your direct invitation to customers gets out to as many flatscreens as possible, while smartly focusing on the demographics who are most likely to act.

Let’s crunch the numbers and look at how to maximize your investment, and get those orders rolling in:

• 85 million households How does that number sound? That’s the staggering number of potential customers your ad will play for when you launch a fully-customizable media buy on an unwired network. Unlike individual cable outlets, unwired networks can book time across all of the most important DMAs.

• 75 networks The modern TV viewer takes full advantage of the incredibly diverse variety of channels and programming. Guarantee your ad gets in front of the right viewers by saturating the dial with your message. An unwired network allows you to advertise on all of the big name channels that the nation watches everyday, like CNN, Fox News, TBS, Bravo, Lifetime, and countless others.

• 210 of the top DMAs Target the most powerful audiences in every state by broadcasting your message to Nielsen’s top-ranked markets. The best part is you can hit all of these local areas in one fell swoop.

• 80% cheaper than most local cable pricing. Spend more of your valuable resources on producing great products and great direct response TV ads. Spend less on unsuccessful, unsophisticated media buys.

The numbers add up to one clear result: Get the most bang for your buck by taking advantage of the flexibility, control, and value an unwired network offers.

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