No clusters or bundles required — ATN schedules enhance, not dilute, the power of national cable and radio buys.

Unlike our competition, we do not sell clusters that require you to buy networks you do not need or want. By offering custom-built schedules on the top-rated and cost-effective media options, ATN consistently delivers high-value, low-cost inventory for both general and direct response advertisers.

To ensure your company realizes its campaign goals and metrics, your schedules can be customized by market, network, daypart and weight level. An ATN schedule supplies the most-powerful complement to a national cable buy by delivering a targeted, highly-efficient reach and frequency layer, a proven formula to increase lead and sale volume and ultimately, a stronger ROI.

Regardless of whether you are a large or small advertiser, a direct response or general marketer, or your footprint is on a national, local or regional basis, ATN provides the best media platform available–YOU’RE IN CONTROL!