How To Slash The Cost of Your TV Advertising By Up To 80%

TV advertisements remain one of the most powerful forms of marketing today – but if you’re not careful, then they can also be one of the most expensive.
Advertising on TV was once reserved for big-time national brands with seemingly unlimited budgets. But these days, nearly any business can afford to run ads on TV, as long as they go through the right outlets.
Whether you’re a small business that wants to run your ad on a local or regional basis, or a national advertiser who wants to be seen in millions of households, there is a simple way to slash the costs of your advertising by as much as 80%.
Don’t get trapped into paying too much for your TV advertisements. Before you buy your media, here’s what you need know about saving money on television advertising.
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How To Maximize The ROI of Your TV Advertisements

Saving money on TV advertisements can help your bottom line in a number of ways. There’s the initial savings, of course – by paying less for your ad spots, you leave more room for doing more with your advertising in other areas, or just adding the funds back into the business.
But if your ads are just as effective (and they should be – you shouldn’t sacrifice the quality of your media buys to save money) – you’ll generate a bigger return on your investment. Simply put: you get more bang for your buck (and few bucks at that).
So, what’s the trick to spending less on TV advertising (More Info) without scaling down the campaign or losing targeting ability?
One way is by going through an “unwired” cable advertising network like American Target Network.
What is an unwired ad network?
Ad networks like American Target Network aggregate local TV media, enabling advertisers to reach nearly any audience (local, regional or national), for a fraction of usual cost.
What kind of savings are we talking about?
American Target Network offers CPM delivery at 70% to 80% below comparable local cable pricing and 30 to 40% below national cable TV.
Do I lose the ability to target our market?
No – in fact, in many cases, ATN offers even more targeting flexibility. Advertisers have control over a number of targeting options, including the markets in which the ad appears, the networks the ad is shown on, and the time of day when the ad runs. Precise targeting is the key to effective TV advertising (especially for direct response ads), and that’s one of the reasons why so many companies are now using ATN as their media buying agency.
Where will our ad be seen?
Virtually anywhere you want. With ATN, you can reach up to 87 million households across the nation. Your ad can be shown on more than 75 of the top cable networks, including CNN, ESPN, Fox News, MTV, TBS, AMC and dozens of others.

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Save On Your TV Advertisements With American Target Network

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