What Every Media Buyer Should Know Before Advertising On TV

Gentleman Searching For Media Buyer Results On LaptopA media buyer is tasked with the often difficult job of determining where to advertise, when and how much to spend on it.

Unfortunately, it’s far too common for these marketing professionals to make big mistakes that cost businesses money, hurt their ROI and drain the bottom line. And the worst part is: they may not even know it.

If an advertiser’s media buys aren’t planned carefully, then they won’t reach the right audience. The entire campaign will suffer as results will be very minimal. Similarly, if a media buyer is spending too much on the buys, then they are not getting as big of a return on their advertising investment as they could be.

Having an efficient, carefully executed media-buying strategy is critical for every advertiser, especially when it comes to television advertising. Before you buy your next TV spot, here are a few things you need to be aware of.

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3 Tips For Every Media Buyer

1. There are alternatives to expensive cable pricing
Cable advertising rates can be tremendously expensive, regardless of the scale. Whether you are advertising locally, regionally or nationally, placing a TV spot via the traditional outlets can be costly. However, there are more cost-efficient alternatives that allow you to target the same audiences, on the same top networks, for a fraction of the cost.

An unwired cable advertising network like American Target Network delivers CPMs at 70-80% below comparable local cable pricing and CPMs 30-40% below national cable TV. For many advertisers, this can translate into tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings.
2. “Clusters” are a waste of money
Media Buyers Icon Showing Clusters.Every media buyer (More Info) needs to be aware that TV advertising spots are often sold in “clusters.” This is essentially a generic block of TV spots across multiple networks. The problem with this is that advertisers’ ads will appear on networks that won’t be seen by their target audience or the ads will be shown at the wrong time of day. In both cases, your advertising dollars are being wasted.

Avoid buying clusters. Only pay for ad spots that make sense for your marketing agenda.
3. Target, target, target
If you’re buying TV advertising without having full control over where the ads appear or when, then you’re flushing your marketing budget down the drain.

American Target Network gives advertisers complete control over their ad spots to ensure they reach the right audience. We offer the simplicity of one commercial spot disseminated throughout the network, which you can target by: demographic, DMA (designated marketing area), network, daypart, flight dates and day of the week. Advertisers can deliver a single message or customize it on a local or regional basis.

The more targeting options you have, the better your results and the higher your ROI.

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Find Out Why Every Media Buyer Should Be Using American Target Network

Gentleman, Media Buyer, Working With Two Business Professionals. ATN enables you to run your ad on up to 75 of the top cable networks, reaching up to 87 million homes, with targeting options that ensure you reach your intended audience – for a fraction of the cost of cable pricing.

Learn more today by calling 1-800-ATN-5666.

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