TV Media Buying Services—3 Things Every Advertiser Should Be Asking
Using media buying services can make the process of buying TV spots a lot easier and faster. But if you don’t partner with the right agency, then those conveniences won’t necessarily translate into a savings in your marketing budget.
In fact, just the opposite could be true. Many media buying services charge a premium for handling the media buys for their clients. Even if the agency is getting good broker rates on the ad spots, this premium could defeat the purpose of using an agency at all. In other words, it may be saving you a little time, but it may not be saving you any money.
Another factor to consider is how much control you have over the media buys. If you’re losing control over where the ads are run, and in front of which audiences, then even more of your marketing budget could be going down the drain.
No matter what scale you’re advertising on—local, regional or national—you need to be asking your media buying agency the right questions to ensure you’re getting the biggest bang for your ad buck.

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What To Ask Your Media Buying Services Provider

1. What are my targeting options?

One of the biggest benefits of using media buying services is that they buy your ad spots for you, presumably targeting your audience. But if they’re not getting your ad in front of the right people, then they’re just wasting your time and money.
Make sure you have control over where your TV ad appears (which markets), on what networks, on which days and at what times. Your agency should be able to clearly state the reasons for their targeting choices and how those choices will translate into bigger response rates.


2. Do you sell “clusters” of ad spots?

Clusters are a term for a group of ad spots or networks that are sold to an advertiser, somewhat like a package deal. The clusters may include some of the advertiser’s preferred networks, as well as other networks that you don’t need or want.
If you’re forced to buy clusters, then you probably don’t have as much control over your targeting options as you should.


3. Can I easily customize my creative in select markets?
Customizing the messaging in your TV ad for different markets can provide an extra boost to response rates. But that shouldn’t mean you need to create an entirely new ad for each market.
The best media buying companies (related info) allow you to run just one ad spot, customizing the message on a local or regional basis. It’s faster, easier and far more cost-efficient.

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Media Buying Services With More Flexibility & Cost Efficiency

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