TV Advertising: How To Reach Your Target Audience For A Fraction of The Usual Cost

Happy man after viewing tv spot investment...When television advertising is implemented correctly, it can be incredibly effective. But if you’re not being careful about your media buying, then you could be spending thousands of dollars more than you need to be.

Regardless of whether you are trying to reach a local, regional or national audience, advertisers must pay close attention to their ROI. That means focusing not only on the results generated by the campaign, but also the cost of placing the ads.

Advertising on TV can be exorbitantly expensive in some markets. But there is an alternative, affordable and effective way to reach your target audience – without shelling out the big bucks that the cable networks demand.

With spot TV advertising, you could be reaching up to 87 million households, on over 75 of the most watched cable networks, at CPMs that are 70% to 80% below comparable local cable pricing.

Let’s take a look at this option and see how your organization could save money and boost the ROI of your television advertising.


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Affordable Television Advertising Through An “Unwired” Network

Spot advertising through an unwired cable advertising network like ATN is far more cost effective than going through the traditional media buying outlets.

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By aggregating local cable TV media, we enable advertisers to create a customized television advertising campaign on virtually any scale: local, regional or national. The savings compared to traditional cable pricing is tremendous. American Target Network consistently delivers CPMs at 70% to 80% below comparable local cable pricing and 30% to 40% below national cable TV. We confirm CPM deliveries on buys through post-buy analysis, based on cable system affidavits and Nielsen Home Video Index audience delivery estimates.

And here’s the best part: there is no complicated arrangement with several networks, multiple invoices or complex fine print. With ATN, it’s as simple as running one, customizable spot with one agreement, at one price point, and one invoice.

This simplicity, combined with the affordable pricing, translates into substantial savings for advertisers.

Unlike other media buying arrangements, we do not require advertisers to buy clusters of networks and spots that they don’t need or want. You have total control over the delivery of your television advertising.

We enable you to run your ad on up to 75 of the top cable networks in the United States. You can customize by network, market, daypart and weekly weighted levels.

Many national advertisers choose to supplement their TV cable buys with a campaign from ATN, as it allows them to reduce costs, hit their target objectives and thus boost ROI. The cost efficiency and targeting options also make it a good fit for local and regional advertisers, as well as direct-response advertisers.

Let us show you how you can reduce the costs of your TV advertising and increase your return on investment.


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