Spot Television: 3 ROI-Boosting Tips Every Advertiser Should Follow
Man interested in spot television advertising.Spot television advertising is a cost-effective tool for any marketer, but if advertisers aren’t careful about their media buys, then they aren’t reaching their maximum ROI potential.
Spot TV lets advertisers place their TV spots on select networks, in select markets, to ensure their message is seen by the right people. This is in contrast to broad national campaigns that are designed to reach a wide number of demographics across many different networks with less focus on targeting.
By limiting the TV spots to the appropriate audiences (i.e. people who are most likely to buy from you or connect with your brand), advertisers can ensure they are getting the biggest bang for their budget. This is why many direct-response advertisers prefer spot television for their marketing campaigns—it results in the highest ROI.
To maximize the potential of your spot TV campaign, here are some crucial tips you need to follow.


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Crucial Tips For Any Spot Television Campaign

1. Make sure every spot is targeted
Local and regional cable advertising options often require you to buy “clusters” of TV spots. Some of them may be targeted to the right audience, but others will be displayed on networks that don’t matter to you. This is not a good use of your advertising dollars.
Avoid clusters to make sure your spot TV campaign only includes the spots you need. This will not only save you money, but also result in better response rates.
People figures in groups served as a spot television network reference. 2. Choose “unwired” advertising networks
Unwired cable advertising networks like American Target Network are a great alternative to traditional media-buying options. Unwired networks aggregate local TV media all over the region, allowing businesses to advertise on any scale (local, regional or national), while maintaining all the benefits of a spot television (related news) campaign.
Going “unwired” is typically far cheaper than traditional cable pricing and offers more targeting options too.
3. Watch your ad spend
The more you spend on your TV buys, the lower your ROI will be. Even if you are getting great response rates, your final return will be lower than it could be if you’re spending too much on the ad spots.
This is why it’s critical to get the best pricing possible for every spot. American Target Network, for example, delivers CPMs 70-80% below comparable local cable pricing and CPMs 30-40% below national cable TV. Imagine what that could do to your ROI.

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Let ATN Save You Money On Your Spot Television Campaign

Businessman interested in spot television advertising.American Target Network takes one simple creative and disseminates it to our proprietary “unwired” network: more than 70 of the top cable networks, reaching over 87 million households.
Known as the “Superior Media Buying Agency,” we help advertisers save money on their TV advertising campaigns, while giving them the focused targeting options they need to get the biggest response rates possible. Working with ATN is cost-effective and extremely easy—we simplify things with one single agreement, one price point, one invoice and one spot, which can be customized on a local or regional basis.
Call American Target Network today at 1-800-ATN-5666 to learn more.


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