Spot TV Advertising: How To Reach Up To 87 Million Homes For A Fraction of The Normal Costs
Adult searching on computer for spot TV advertising help.Spot TV advertising is an effective tool for advertisers who want to run their ads in specific markets, rather than on a broad, national scale.
One of the fundamental keys to a successful marketing campaign is targeting the ad to the right people. This is regardless of the type of advertising you use, whether it’s TV, radio, direct mail, or another medium altogether. If your ad isn’t being seen or heard by the right people, then you’re simply wasting your marketing dollars.
Spot TV advertising, when executed properly, allows you to target your message to a specific market, geographic area, DMA (designated marketing area) or demographic. This ensures that your intended audience—the people who are most likely to respond—see your ad, thus increasing your response rates or other marketing objectives.
Let’s take a closer look at some of the other features and benefits of running a targeted TV spot—and how you can get your ad on the top networks without paying cable TV pricing.

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What To Know About Spot TV Advertising

➤ Spot TV advertising vs. national campaigns

The key difference between a national TV ad campaign and spot television ads is the sheer scale of the campaign: how many networks the ad appears on, in how many areas, and how many people are likely to see it.

Spot TV advertising social network symbolized with blue figures and links.➤ So, which is better?

It all depends. For larger national brands, running a broad national TV campaign might be an effective strategy. But if your ad will only generate interest from a particular group of people or a portion of a market, then it will likely be more effective to run your TV spot on a local or regional basis.

➤ Some advertisers use both

Spot television advertising isn’t always exclusive from national campaigns. Many large advertisers often supplement their national campaigns with spot TV advertising (more info), so that they can focus on a particular market, in addition to their national audience. For example, if a national advertiser discovered that a large percentage of its buyers were from the Dallas metropolitan area, then it would be in their best interest to run their TV spot specifically in that area, in addition to their other markets.

➤ Cost savings = higher ROI

Targeting a specific audience doesn’t just boost response rates. It saves money. Running a national ad campaign comes with tremendous costs. Plus, the cable companies often require you to buy clusters of ads you don’t want or need.
This means you’re basically just wasting money on an ad that is being shown to millions of people who aren’t likely to respond or care about your business at all. Spot TV advertising, on the other hand, generally costs far less because you run your ad in targeted markets. End result: more savings, less waste, higher response rates and thus a much higher return on investment.

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Get Flexible, Cost-Effective Spot TV Advertising From American Target Network

Sports enthusiast watching spot TV advertising and holding basketball.American Target Network is an unwired cable advertising network that aggregates local cable TV media to create a customized local, regional or national ad campaign.
For a fraction of national cable pricing, American Target Network enables you to run an effective spot television ad campaign on up to 70 of the most watched cable networks. Reach more than 87 million households, customizing your media buys by market, network, dayparts and weekly weighted levels, and other factors.
Whether you want to complement your national TV cable buys, or run an affordable local or regional campaign, ATN can provide a solution that will meet your objectives and deliver results to your cable TV campaigns.


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