How To Maximize Your Marketing Budget With Spot TV Advertising

Happy man after viewing TV spot investment ...Spot TV advertising can be a great tool for nearly any advertiser, from small local businesses to large, nationally recognized brands.

What Is Spot TV Advertising?
How Can I Benefit From Spot TV Advertising?
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With the ability to place an effective TV spot in the right markets and in front of the right audience, businesses can achieve outstanding results for both direct-response campaigns and branding.

Television, like no other media, allows you to put an attention-grabbing audio-visual message in front of a mass audience, while also allowing you to target specific markets and demographics that are most important to your business.

But if you’re not careful about how you handle the media buying for your TV advertising, then you could face several costly problems that drain your ROI.

Risks of mishandled TV advertising:

→ Traditional cable TV buys can be overpriced and far more expensive than other spot TV advertising options that are just as effective.
→ Limited targeting ability will prevent you from showing your ad to the right audience.
→ Improperly targeted ads will fail to generate response.
→ Bad time slots will run your ad at the wrong time of day and the wrong day of the week.
→ Limited network selection will prevent you from running your ad on the stations that your customers are watching.

These scenarios drive up your marketing costs and hurt response rates—but they can all be avoided.

With the right spot TV advertising buys, purchased from the right provider, you can significantly cut down on your TV advertising costs while ensuring that your message is being seen by the right audience.

Use the tips and information below for a quick background on spot advertising and how you can reach your audience for up to 80% less than comparable cable pricing.

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What Is Spot TV Advertising?

Business professionals explaining spot TV advertisingSpot TV advertising allows you to run a TV advertisement, known as a “spot,” to a select market, network or geographic area. It differs from traditional national TV advertising, which typically runs your ad in front of a mass audience, across many different networks in different parts of the country.

Here’s a look at a quick example …

Let’s say you want to announce the opening of a new upscale restaurant in the New York area. With spot advertising, you could run your TV spot on select food-related networks (networks that your prospective foodie customers are watching) within the New York area.

This would be an example of spot advertising, because your commercial does not appear on a national scale.

Now, the bigger question is … what does this mean for you as an advertiser?


Benefits of Spot TV Advertising

Being able to target your TV spot to a certain viewership within a designated marketing area (DMA) can benefit advertisers in a variety of ways.

Here’s how:

• Better targeting increases response rates because the message is more likely to be seen by your prospective customers.
• Limiting your ad to a specific area cuts costs tremendously—you no longer pay to have your ad seen in areas that don’t matter to you.
• If you want your ad to be seen on a national scale, you can—but you’ll have greater control over where the ad appears and when.
• Spot TV advertising allows you to run your spot on the networks that your audience is watching, thereby increasing the potential for response even further.

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Getting The Biggest Bang For Your Ad Dollar

To reap the full benefits of spot TV advertising, you have to make sure you buy your ad spots from the right source. As we mentioned above, traditional cable buys can be extremely costly, and there are more cost-effective alternatives out there that can deliver even better results.

In TV advertising, as with any form of marketing, you’re looking for the biggest ROI possible. This is why it’s so important to compare your options to make sure you are getting the best possible rates on your campaign.

If you find a broker or other type of media seller offering better rates than traditional cable TV, be sure to look closely at your customization options. How many networks are available to run your ad on? How much control do you have over where the ad appears and at what time of day? Do you have the option to run your ad locally, regionally and nationally?

These are all important factors that could affect your ROI tremendously, so it’s always best to compare your options carefully.

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Reach 87+ Million Homes—For A Fraction of The Cost

ATN tv advertising broadcast calendarAmerican Target Network is an unwired cable advertising network that aggregates local cable TV media to give advertisers the ability to run a targeted spot TV ad campaign on a local, regional or national basis—for a fraction of the normal cost.

Instead of working with multiple systems you can reach the same audience at a lower CPM and with ONE ATN buy:

★ ATN consistently delivers CPMs 70-80% below comparable local cable pricing & CPMs 30-40% below national cable TV.
★ ATN takes one ad spot and disseminates it to our proprietary “unwired” network.
★ Advertisers can target by demographic and DMA, and customize by networks, dayparts, market, day of the week, and more.

American Target Network gives you access to 75 of the most watched and effective cable networks—and does not sell clusters requiring you to buy networks you do not need or want.

Call us today at 1-800-ATN-5666 to see how ATN can help you meet your metric goals.