Do You Make These Mistakes When Paying For TV Advertising?

Reporter Before Promoting TV ads with Camera.TV ads are still one of the most effective and powerful ways to make an impression on your audience. But if you’re not careful about your media buying strategy, then it can also be one of the most expensive.

These days, you don’t have to go directly through the major cable networks to get your TV spot in front of a national, regional or local market. By comparing your options and carefully targeting your advertising, you can save a significant amount of money on your campaign while boosting response rates at the same time.

Far too often, marketers waste a huge chunk of their marketing budget by failing to execute their television advertising properly. Don’t make the same mistake. Use this list of common mistakes made by businesses to ensure you don’t fall into the same traps.




Common Mistakes When Running TV Ads

Paying too much.
If you’re buying spots for your TV ads directly through the cable network (or several networks), then chances are you’re spending too much. Consider an “unwired” alternative like American Target Network, which lets you run your ads on 75 of the top cable networks, in all the major markets, for CPMs that are 70-80% below cable pricing. Remember: the more you lower the costs of your TV advertising, the higher your ROI will be.

People Figures In A TV ads NetworkWorking with multiple systems.
If you’re running a national campaign, then you’re probably dealing with different cable companies, networks, satellite providers and so on. Working with all of these systems isn’t just costly; it’s inefficient! By purchasing your TV ads through American Target Network, you can reach the same audience with one single buy. It saves time, it saves money, it just makes sense.

Not using the right networks.
Some advertisers pay big bucks to run their TV ads (More Info) across the country. But here’s the problem: if they aren’t running the ads on the biggest networks, then they’re not reaching as big of an audience as they could. Regardless of where you get your media buys from, make sure your ads are being seen on the most watched networks to ensure the highest visibility. Also, avoid purchasing “clusters” that require you to buy networks you don’t need or want.

Poor targeting.
Choosing the right network is only the first step to effectively targeting your advertising. What about the time of day that it appears, or the day of the week? What demographics will be watching? Which markets will it reach? These are essential targeting options that you should have control over. If you’re letting the cable networks run your ad whenever they want, then you’re wasting your ad dollars.



Run Your TV Ads For A Fraction of The Price

Young Adults Helping Older Gentleman With TV Ads On Laptop!American Target Network provides unmatched flexibility to your television marketing campaign. You can customize commercial delivery on national and regional TV networks, reaching 85 million households on 75 of the top networks on TV – with one buy, one spot and one invoice.

ATN aggregates local media to create a customized footprint to meet your specific goals for a price and on a scale never before available – CPMs at 70-80% below comparable local cable pricing and 30-40% below national cable TV.


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