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man insterested in TV advert/television advertisingTV advertising remains one of the most powerful ways to make an impression on your target audience. But if you’re like most advertisers, then you want to make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck.

What Are The Advantages of TV Advertising?
Can I Save Money Through An “Unwired” TV Advertising Network? Yes.
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Regardless of whether you’re buying media on a national, regional or local scale, it’s crucial that you compare all your options before investing in any television advertising. Otherwise, you could end up spending too much – for too little results.

Risks of choosing the wrong television advertising options:

  • Your marketing budget could be wiped out by unnecessarily high cost.
  • Ads might not reach the right audience.
  • Response could be extremely low, effectively killing any chance of ROI.
  • Ads might not appear on the right networks or in enough households to make an impact.
  • Invoicing could be terribly complicated – you may not even realize how much you’re spending until it’s too late!
  • You may have very limited options for customizing the delivery of your spots: where they appear, when they appear, and on which networks.

All of these risks ultimately cost you time and money. Many advertisers are spending tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars more than they need to on TV advertising – simply because they don’t realize that better, more cost-efficient options are available to them.

If you want to save money on your TV spots—without sacrificing response—then keep reading.

Below, we provide a quick overview on the benefits of advertising on TV—and how you can reach more than 85 million homes for a fraction of the cost of traditional national TV buys. In fact, by taking the right steps, you can hit your ratings goals while also cutting your advertising costs by as much as 80%.

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Discover The Key Advantages of TV Advertising

TV advertising can engage an audience like no other media can. Whether your message is intended to generate direct response, reinforce your branding, or both, a targeted TV spot can be one of the most effective ways to reach your market.

Why advertise on TV?

  1. Ability to not just inform your audience, but also entertain and create a lasting impression
  2. Wide variety of targeting opportunities: age, gender, TV networks, viewer interests and much more
  3. Opportunity to give your business an image that resonates with your audience
  4. Potential to reach extremely large audiences on a national scale
  5. Ability to target your message to select local markets
  6. Sheer sophistication and power of delivering your message with an audio/visual media that grabs attention and adds credibility to your brand

For these reasons and others, it’s no wonder that TV marketing remains an integral part of so many advertisers’ marketing budgets, year after year.

But the question is: Is it the right platform for you?

And, how can you be sure you are choosing the most cost-efficient option for buying your TV spots?

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How To Save Money Through An “Unwired” TV Advertising Network

“Unwired” networks allow you to significantly cut down on the costs of TV advertising. By purchasing your targeted TV spots from an unwired network operator, rather than traditional cable network outlets, you can get your ad in front of your target audience for a fraction of the cost.

However, not all “unwired” networks offer the same flexibility or cost efficiency, so you need to compare your options carefully. Even if a network is offering you significant savings, that doesn’t mean you’ll have any customization or control over your ad spots.

For example, some advertising outlets will require you to buy clusters of networks that you don’t need or want.

On the other hand, the best unwired networks will allow you to customize your ad delivery to local, regional or national networks – on virtually any scale you need. You should have access to the top DMA (designated marketing areas), ability to reach specific states or markets, and get your ads seen on major networks – all for less than local and national cable pricing.

This is why even the largest advertisers supplement their existing national TV cable buys with placement through unwired advertising networks.

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How To Reach Over 85 Million Homes with American Target Direct

ATN tv advertising broadcast calendarThe American Target Network is an unwired cable advertising network that offers a more cost-efficient, flexible and scalable way to create a customized regional or national ad campaign.

By aggregating local cable TV media, we allow advertisers like yourself to reach 85+ million households, targeting more than 75 of the top networks on cable TV – at CPMs that are 70-80% lower than comparable local cable pricing and 30-40% below national cable TV rates.

ATN takes one simple creative and disseminates it to our proprietary unwired network. That means there is just one ad spot, one price point and one agreement. This greatly simplifies your campaign while also providing you with several targeting and customization opportunities.

ATN enables you to reach individual local markets or a national audience in 210 of the top DMAs – at a fraction of traditional TV advertising costs and WITHOUT requiring you to buy clusters you don’t need.

Call 1.800.ATN.5666 to learn more about our cost-efficient TV advertising opportunities.