What Is Direct Response Marketing?
Direct response marketing is a form of advertising that aims to generate an immediate response from the targeted audience.
Direct response advertising is different from branded advertising, which is used to promote brand awareness, build credibility or deliver other messaging without necessarily trying to get a response.
Direct response marketing can be found in nearly all forms of advertising media, including TV ads, print marketing (magazines, newspapers, etc.), radio ads, websites and online ads. The desired response varies according to the goals of each ad, but typically the marketing is intended to make the audience take action immediately after seeing the ad.
For those wondering, “what is direct response marketing?” here are some examples of types of response that advertisers are generally looking for:

➨ Making a purchase
➨ Making a phone call
➨ Visiting a website
➨ Visiting a store, sale or event
➨ Clicking a link
➨ Subscribing to a newsletter
➨ Registering to receive more information about a product, service or event
➨ What is direct response marketing – what are the benefits?

The benefit of direct response advertising is that it enables advertisers to elicit actions that ultimately support their sales process. Whether the response results in an immediate purchase or is intended to place prospective customers into a more complex sales funnel, advertisers are able to place a value on the cost to generate the response, which helps them determine the ROI and cost-effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

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What Is Direct Response Marketing?

Certain types of elements are common across nearly all forms of direct marketing. A typical direct response ad will include one or more of the following:
1. Call to action
This is the message that convinces the audience to do something: click a link, buy now, etc. You’ll notice that branded advertising typically does not have a call to action. For example: the big-name soft drink companies simply want to get their name out there and stay on the minds of consumers. They aren’t directly selling drinks through the ad, asking people to call to place their orders.
Every direct response ad needs to have a call to action.
2. Deadline to respond
Marketers will often use deadlines and expiration dates to create a sense of urgency and compel their audience to response as quickly as possible. In marketing (Related News) the sense of loss can be just as powerful as the sense of gaining something from a product.
3. Targeting
To generate the best response rates and return on investment, direct response ads should be carefully targeted to the right audience. Depending on the medium, targeting can be done by location, customer’s previous actions and purchases, demographics, and the times or places where the ad appears, among many other factors.


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What Is Direct Response Marketing For TV? Discover Biggest Results With American Target Network

American Target Network is an unwired cable advertising network that aggregates local cable TV media for direct-response advertisers across the United States. We allow advertisers to launch a customized, regional or national ad campaign for a fraction of the cost of tradition cable pricing. ATN complements your national cable TV campaigns and provides direct response TV advertisers the ability to efficiently target a national TV audience – up to 85 million homes on more than 75 of the top cable networks.
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