American Target Network Platforms

ATN reaches viewer where they are cable, streaming & broadcast

American Target Network

  • ATN delivers a national cable TV audience for less
  • Reach 90 million+ TV households
  • Insert on the top 75 cable networks with a single buy
  • Enhances frequency and efficiency of existing media buys
  • Target by demographic, daypart and market


ATN through it’s media clout and unsurpassed technology has created ATN/OTT platform

ATN® is now applying our expertise to Over-The-Top Streaming so that your clients can reach the full spectrum of today’s audiences, from traditional subscribers to streaming audiences

The combination of ATN and ATN/OTT® is the best way for your clients to target their audiences–and reach new ones–within one efficient platform

Utilizing the lowest rates on the top streaming platforms
combined with precise data targeting on the top DSP
ATN/OTT delivers the best of what streaming has to offer 

ATN Broadcast

Delivers a national TV audience for a fraction of traditional costs

  • Broadcast reaches Americans where they are watching TV
  • ATN broadcast delivers 60 million unduplicated TV homes
  • National, Regional and Local Commercials
  • Buy multiple DMA’s with a single buy
  • Enhances frequency of existing TV schedules
  • News, sports, daytime and prime shows for less