Success Stories

Building On Success

For over a decade American Target Network has
been the leading unwired linear cable TV platform
in the industry

More consumers are viewing their favorite programs through streaming services.

ATN is now applying our expertise to Over-The-Top Streaming so that your clients can reach the full spectrum of today’s audiences, from traditional subscribers to streaming audiences

The combination of ATN™ and ATN/OTT® is the best way for your clients to target their audiences—and reach new ones–within one efficient platform 

Educational Advertiser Discovers

ATN Rates an ‘A’ for Media Performance

A performance-based advertiser for a children’s educational subscription series was priced out of buying many top tier cable networks because the national unit rates were simply too expensive. This included finding audiences of both parents looking to enrich their children’s lives as well as the kids themselves, who might act as influencers in the purchase decision.

Working with the ATN platform, their agency was able to secure airtime on these coveted networks that they otherwise would have been unable to afford, and to effectively reach their consumers using appropriate and targeted networks and programming environments. The result was strong, consistent performance, even in the offseason when bottom-line performance would normally wane.

ATN Helps Insurance Lead Aggregator

Take the Lead in Their Category

A direct-to-consumer lead aggregator for Insurance needed to find a cost-effective way to reach television viewers. This advertiser knew exactly what kind of conversion rates they could expect so it was critical that their in-house media team deliver an allowable cost per lead that would support their financial model both in terms of profitability and scale.

The agency turned to ATN, who helped lend flexibility to their media plan. With no minimum spends or spots loads, the in-house media pros were able to tailor network “clusters” with similar programming and audiences with ease. The result was incremental lead volume at significantly lower cost per acquisition than their national cable buys. Based upon the success of this collaboration, ATN has become a consistent part of the campaign’s ongoing media mix.


ATN has been a good partner. Tatari seeks the best networks and pricing for its clients. Tatari does so by utilizing direct relationships and intermediaries. ATN is able to customize its approach when needed providing efficient outcomes.

Joel Lander Head of Strategy, Tatari

While messaging is looked at more closely and ratings flip flop with decline...working with ATN is a win-win as they offer efficient, customizable and flexible scheduling options for delivery of successful tailormade campaigns. THOR Associates utilizes the ATN Network consistently for our clients enabling us to deliver impactful client schedules with a substantial ROI.

Fern Lee CEO

American Target Network is a great way to buy National Cable Networks. Its cost efficient and because it’s locally inserted the spots run at different times in the cities across America which spreads the calls over the entire day so as not to overwhelm call centers. Packages can be custom designed to fit any demo and the staff are knowledgeable, proactive and vested in making sure the client’s campaign is successful.

Eric Shapiro Media Manager

As the linear TV market continues to evolve and ratings continue to decline, the team at ATN continues to become a more important part of building impactful client schedules. Not only does ATN help maintain the cost efficiencies we are used to seeing in the DRTV space, they are extremely proactive and constantly updating us with marketplace knowledge and suggestions on how to get the biggest bang for our buck, which is a win for all of our clients.

Mark Hodor SVP Direct Response Video

Working with Kevin and the ATN team has been such a pleasure. We have found that we are able to buy extremely efficient media at a discount and it has proven to work time and time again for several of our clients.

Kaitlin O’Brien Ness Manager of Media & Planning