American Target Network

ATN provides a unique media delivery system that aggregates local media on national cable, streaming services, and broadcast affiliates to create a customizable national, regional, or local footprint for a price and on a scale never before available.

You’re in control with ATN!

Deliver a single message via our proprietary “unwired” network.
Customize creative messaging on a national, local and/or regional basis. Local messaging at national efficiency.
Target by demographic and DMA’s with enhanced customization by: networks, dayparts, spot length, flight dates, day of week and/or market.

The ATN Difference

Reach over 90 million linear TV households on the top 75 cable networks.

Target OTT audiences on the most
popular steaming platforms.

Take advantage of discounted rates and
omni-channel package deals.

Measure results using traditional direct response metrics such as inbound telemarketing,website, and QR codes or by CPM, TRP, or GRP or CPC, CPA, or CPI.

Single point of contact to manage all networks, publishers, optimizations and reporting.

Buying through ATN provides substantial savings for advertisers seeking national or regional reach across multiple cable TV platforms.

ATN provides advertisers with substantial savings

ATN delivers national audiences at CPMs of 30-40% below national equivalents and 70-80% below local market delivery. 

ATN allows for more efficient targeted delivery and lower CPMs with the simplicity of one commercial disseminated throughout the network. All on one invoice!


Meet the American Target Network Sales Team

Kevin Hayes

Senior VP of Media Sales

Kevin Hayes has been heading up sales for American Target Network for over a decade, generating over $100 million in sales. ATN provides advertisers and their agencies with the opportunity to insert on premium cable, streaming, and broadcast properties for peak media efficiency. Before joining ATN, Kevin sold sponsorships and advertising for the YES Network (Yankees Entertainment & Sports). Prior to YES he worked at CBS in New York where he specialized in client partnerships. He started his career in media selling ads for The Howard Stern Show.

When not helping ATN’s clients achieve and surpass their goals, Kevin enjoys working on his golf and tennis game and hitting the winter slopes.

Aaron Berg

VP of Media Sales

Aaron takes great personal interest in the success of his clients. Whether his focus is on campaign optimization to maximize performance for direct response advertisers or helping to improve cost efficiencies for campaigns geared toward impressions, he is thrilled to have a hand in his clients’ success. Aaron has worked on the media sales and consulting side of the ad business for many years, having gotten his start in media working with an amazing team in the traffic department of Comcast’s Denver office.

When he’s not busy helping clients succeed, Aaron enjoys trying to fight off the aging process by hitting the gym in the early morning and spending time with his awesome wife and three wonderful kids, aptly called “the Berglets.”